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 I was always looking for authentic truth. Although I have to admit that before every big discovery that I made, I pushed the brakes as much as I could. I learned that is it ok to be afraid and I was diving into the terror of change every time I my path lead outside my comfort zone.

It seems to me that I came by chance to walk the spiritual path (or maybe no so much by chance?) about 9 years ago, when practicing QiGong, a chinese therapy for the body, mind and soul for helping someone who did not have the ability to help herself anymore. After about 2 years, during which I felt the powerful effects of QiGong, I accompanied my mother to a shamanic school. There my world opened, I started seeing myself and diving deep into my inner world to find where it hurts. My questions found answers and pain that I considered normal, was acknowledged and cured through therapy.


In 2014 I did the Medicine Wheel in the Incan tradition for the first time and since then I continue to learn from Chris Waters. One year later I started studying Mayan Astrology and the energy of the days, mentored by Juan Carlos Romera. From the very beginning I was captivated by the Mayan energies because they offered the explanations that I was looking for.


With all that teaching, knowledge and continuous learning I refused for a long time to work with clients. I felt that I have things to solve in my life and with myself and using shamanic techniques came in very useful for me. Things change step by step until they take a completely different form. I felt love for the medicine and for clients and my life changed again. Now I am ready to accompany others on their path to find what their soul is looking for by using these two kinds of ancient wisdom, Incan and Mayan.



Laura studied Graphic Arts (Licence and Master) and Psycho-pedagogy and in present she is studying Psychology. She teaches Art in private sessions connecting easily with children. She worked in advertising and in fashion and in 2017 she designed her first fashion collection. In 2018 and 2019 she was part of the Romanian delegation of shamans at the Festival of Genac, France, an event at which over 100 delegates from all continents perform and show their skills

At Wayra Astrae Laura is managing partner and therapist of shamanic rituals and Mayan astrology