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My path to a deep transformation and self-knowing started in spring 2016. I love to say that it was a 'waking up' to myself and what I was to un-cover about myself.

From then on, my curiosity and enthusiasm drove me to experiment with different techniques of personal development, self-knowledge and internal transformation. From all those that I tested on myself I resonated and still reason best with the technique of 'theta healing' and with 'Light Mandalas'

After practising for 3 years on myself and with myself, I felt it is time to share and to assist also other people in individual therapies and in groups, combining both techniques and adjusting what is needed in a private therapy.

I believe and I trust that inner transformation and growth will eventually transform outer circumstances.

I also believe that mastery is gifted, experience, integration and sharing gifts leads to evolution on my own way as well as for all those sharing my path. Evolution is a path that we walk together in every moment when life presents us with an opportunity.

Anca Stefanescu is a Theta Healing therapist and facilitator for Light Mandalas in the holistic healing center of Wayra Astrae.