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What we are is the gift of life, what we are when we live it consciously is our gift for Life!


I am a Coach and Transpersonal Therapist, but also a business consultant and mother at the same time. I have been supporting people on their way to personal fulfillment and companies in organizational development for over 10 years. I strongly believe in the magic of becoming and in the alchemy of the soul.


We chose this path because it exists in all of us, but also in the Universe, an infinite potential and often inaccessible available to us all. That is why I gently guide people towards balance and especially towards themselves with the aim of living authentically and evolving. The life and intensity with which she is lived today always puts us in front of two choices: to get rid of anxiety through automatisms or to give in under her pressure. I know that there is always a third option: to look at our emotions and moments of balance and to integrate them as steps in everyone's development.


Let us choose to live the authentic experience of activating our inner wisdom, but with confidence, with a clear perspective and with the joy of every step….


The key to gaining our personal strength lies in our own weaknesses and imperfections. I am here to facilitate this incredible journey to the Truth in us!

"The truths we least like to hear are the ones we need most to know."


Wayra Astrae holds Individual Coaching sessions, facilitates Workshops on multiple topics of Personal Development

  • Transformational coaching

  • Coaching for Young People

  • Transpersonal Therapy

  • Couple & Family Therapy