Individual Coaching Session

Sometimes we do not see the forest because of the many trees. This can happen in any part of your life, personal or professional. We evolve by meeting obstacles and in overcoming them we become a better version of ourselves and will lead a more fulfilled live.


It certainly happened at least once in your life that you did not see the whole picture due to so many details and obstacles that are overwhelming.  This might affect your personal life, family life or your carrier. Do you search for a clear path to evolve professionally? Are you in a family crisis? Do you want to start a new chapter in your life but do not know where to start? Do you feel blocked in certain situations - might be in public speaking or in communicating with certain people?

 All the answers are within you but to get them out into the open might be a difficult process. Older generations grew up with the understanding that asking for help is admitting your weakness. That has changed and today asking a specialist became common practice. In a coaching session the coach does not solve your case but guide you within to find the right answers for yourself.


  Coaching is an instrument to know yourself better and thus you develop personally and professionally. Whether you are woman or man, parent of CEO of a company, 15 or 50 years old, is not important, if you want to develop, you might like somebody who accompanies you on your way.


Individual coaching sessions are held by Monika Puiu, founder and therapiast at Wayra Astrae and certified coach by SolutionsSurfers Romania. With more than 45 years of experience in business and a neverending passion for personal development Monika can be your guide in the most important trip,

the one to your Inner Self.

”Let yourself be guided into your own strength!”


  • Dear ones, because Monika Puiu wishes money not to hinder personal development, she has created an accessible payment system. Thus, a coaching session has a minimum price of 180 lei / session.


Approximate duration:

  • 60 min

For details and appointments please contact us on 0720 000 031 or on