House clearing

Missing the feeling of 'home' in your own home? Is it difficult to attract clients for your business? Lack of energy, abundance or harmony might be caused by the stories and energies of the former occupants of a space. Energetic cleaning is one mode to become the only occupant of your space, to re-harmonize so that you live and work in a space that is not invaded by the energy, lack and loss of others so that your space is not energetically polluted.

If you want to move into a new home or office, where others lived before, it is indicated that you clean the space as well energetically or demand from the owner to do so. This way you will move into light energy that you can fill with your harmony and abundance. Even if you build a new house the land can be cleared of old stories and incidents. Energetic cleaning is also indicated if you offer a space for sale or for rent - you will attact clients much easier. 

Make space for harmony and abundance through an energetic cleaning of your space!


Image by Adeolu Eletu

House cleaning includes the ritual of a Despacho, where you invite all beneficial energies that you want to attract to fill the emptied space. This ritual can be made with the owner only or with part or all the family.


If the cleaning takes place in a house or business that is from a long time with the owner, we suggest also to make a healing session and treat all those 'hooks' that attracted the energies to come or remain there in the first place.

”Bring light into your house and your business!”

This is what happens:

  •  we have a short interview with the client (owner or tenant of the space)

  • cleaning process

  • despacho together with the client and if possible those people who live there. In case of a business the owner or administrator of the business.

  • eventuallly therapy with the owner(s)

  • the therapist takes care of the despacho in a fire, on water or in the earth. The despacho might also be made directly on the land of the cleaned property​


  • 650 lei for 1 room + bathroom + kitchen + doorway, this includes the whole process as described above and all materials for the despacho.

  • 100 lei for every additional room/bathroom/kitchen/doorway

  • 180 lei for a therapy if it is done in the same day with the house cleaning / 240 lei if it is done separately


  • depends on the size of the apartment or house - the process might take between half a day and a full day.

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