This ancient ceremony from the Q'ero people of the mountains in Peru works on the basis of 'right relation', 'AYNI' with refers to reciprocity: "Do not take without giving". They believe that Mother Earth is generous if you respect the principle of Ayni, otherwise she will retain her abundance. Expressing your gratefulness for everything that you get and take from Mother Earth, you cultivate equilibrium and harmony in your life.

 Despacho is a ritual to look back to a part of your life that has ended, thank for all its teachings and all that you have been offered, to leave behind all the old luggage, obstacles or difficulties and make room for the New. All the time it is a way to invite something new to bring harmony and to call for abundance through calling on nature and its energies and beings.

 Are you ending or starting a new chapter in your life? Are you ready for a change? Are you dealing with blockages or lack of abundance in your life? Do you want o harmonize your personal relations or relation with a certain energy, like love, health or abundance? Do you feel you just cannot let go of certain times, people or events? Everyone of those are a good reason to make a Despacho and call in new energy into your life.

Thank your inner richness and send your wishes to the Universe by a ceremony of gratitude!

Give life and space to your whishes!

The Ritual:

  • a short interview with the client

  • hold the ritual of despacho together with the client

  • the therapist will close the ritual by disposing of the offering


380 lei - includes the ritual, all materials and burning the Despacho as offering at a sacred fire.

Duration: about 90 minutes, without the fire. The client does not need to be present at the sacred fire ceremony.

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