Mayan Astrology

Everyone of us comes to Earth having a unique mission to fulfill, and no one else can fulfill this. A Mayan chart reading is a profound method to understand your own essence and the target you were coming with on Mother Earth. In other words, it is an instrument of profound insight into our authentic self.

Do you want to find out what is your energetic texture? What are your strong parts and where are you vulnerable? What is your life's intention and in which surrounding will you prosper? What kind of relations are complimenting you? What are you bringing into the lifes of the people in your surrounding? What are the energies that excites you and that balances you and that push you to evolve? Starting from the day of your birth, the ancient Mayan calculation will offer you answers to the essence and the project of your life.

The Mayan chart reading is offered by Laura Dumitrescu, founder and therapist at Wayra Astrae. Laura does spiritual practices for more than 8 years and guides people on their journey to the inner self, after she herself experienced the joy of finding her own essence and healing within her soul.

The base reading gives you precious information about your energetichal structure, your project of life, what is the energy that grows you and your projects, what is the key to your success, and what is the product of your work. You can also find out what male or female energy you need in a couple, what is the energy that balances and what is the energy that provokes you.

The deepening session is completing the image of your energetical map. In a deepening session you will find out what energy inspires your project of life, what elements allow the growth of your project of life, how are you seen by others, what opens the way for your succes, who is the beneficiary of your project of life, what helps in materializing, and the final product.

Image by Jimmy Baum

”Do you know your essence in all its depth?”

Do you want to know the reason you came here on Earth? We are here for you to help you find the answer with the help of the Mayan ancient knowledge.


  • 240 lei / base session - reading for the 5 most important points of the chart

  • 240 lei/ deepening session - completing the base session reading with the rest of the 8 points of your personal chart


Approximate duration:

  • 60 min/ session

For details and appointments please contact us on 0720 000 031 or on contact@wayra-astrae.ro