My interest for astrology is from a very young age. I followed what kind of transit is present in my chart and what happens during these transits, always having in mind to learn from what is going on and take the most out of it. It was important to me since I can remember to not miss any experience and its learning potential. In this sense I took up any task that was coming my way, always careful to take the right path for me and not the easiest.

When I was about 20, I went to a professional astrologer for the first time. That experience was one of great relief, because what I heard sounded just right for me and confirmed the path that I wanted to take, even if family and friends were not easily accepting it.  Since then I used the stars as an excuse to do what I thought is good for me. Later I started an online course in astrology with a renown swiss school but even if they are good, it did not do much for me. For my friends and neighbors I started to read charts, and learned from books by Judy Hall, Jeffrey Wolf Green and other big names in astrology, as well as by simple observation, what happens in life and where are correlations.

 There were 2 years in my life when I felt the storm of a Pluto transit, a very dark period during which I was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel reading 'Hades Moon' and 'Karmic Astrology' and a chart reading by Judy Hall. This was just the right lecture for me to find my way out and my peace. Marriage and two children took me down another path and another learning adventure. In 2005 I started to attend the astrology and other spiritual workshops by Judy Hall in England.

With her and from her I did not only learn astrology but I learned to experience the energy of the chart and of the planets, sun, moon, moon nodes, chiron and other asteroids directly. We did meditation, rituals  and regressions  and all this helped me to get rid of old beliefs and to integrate what i learned in my daily life.

In 2012 I met Chris Waters, who teaches the 'Incan Medicine Wheel' in Romania and since then I continued learning with her and her Romanian team as well. In Peru, during several trips, I was gifted many lessons and insights and it is especially their way of doing ceremony and their relation with the great mother, Pachamama, that attracts me most. For a long time I did not feel ready to go out and work with people outside the circle of family and friends. Time has come to offer all those gifts that have got so generousely from my teachers. Without stopping to learn, I decided that it is time to offer what I learned to others and accompany others on their path for a while.



Monika Puiu has retired from a career of over 45 years in business to dedicate her time to her passion of holistic coaching. Since 2018 she is accredited coach by the romanian school SolutionSurfers, aiming for an international accreditation during the next period. She is one of the founders of Wayra Astrae and offers there shamanic rituals and thereapies, experiential astrology and coaching.