Soma-PsychoPedagogy Therapy is rooted in the sensitivity of the body, in touching and listening to it carefully in order to put into motion the innate healing capacity of the body. Your body becomes the place to learn and experience yourself, a doorway to the sensitive part in your own being, in order to re-establish balance and unity between the body and mind, between feeling and thinking, to change the relation with your current life.

​Tools or how it works:

  1. Fascia therapy: manual treatment of the fascia in the whole body with the target to relax deeply. Fascia tissue covers, structures and connects all parts of your body: muscles, bones, organs, nerves, veins, arteries, tendons etc. It has the ability to continuously adapt depending on the physical and mental activity.

  2. Sensorial gymnastics: you will move slowly, guided by the therapist, either in a standing or sitting position, to consciously perceive your body and connect with your inner life.

  3. Sensorial introspection: will guide you how to listen and observe yourself.

  4. Interview: during the verbal interaction the therapist invites you to describe your experience in words so that you understand, learn from it and make the desired changes in your life.



This therapy is for you if:

  • you want to deeply relax physically and mentally

  • you want to release the tensions and blockages stored in the body

  • you want to have a better response to stress

  • you want to feel better with yourself and with the people around you

  • you are going through change and you want support in going through it (divorce, give birth, illness, mourning...)

  • you are searching for a sense in life

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This therapy is a support for the person on multiple levels, starting with physical recovery, improving the general state of health or welbeing, gaining and keeping balance in life, personal development, in education, art and coaching, also in self-development or management programs in companies.

”Your body becomes a doorway to your sensitive part in your own being.”


  • 200 lei / session


  • about 60 - 90 min

For details and appointments please contact us on 0720 000 031 or on